Your Personal Financial Manager is here!  Get a handle on your money and achieve all your financial goals with the help of FSBMoney.  Just click on the FSBMoney tab in your online banking or your mobile app to get started. 


Account Aggregation:  Add & update accounts (including external accounts).

Transaction Feed:  Tagged transactions, split tagging, search/advanced search, export transactions.

Widgets: Customizable visual snapshot of what’s important to you.

Convenience:  Ease of account management without having to log into multiple websites


Create spending targets and view trends.  Keep yourself on task to help stay on budget and save money.

Cash Flow:

Add bills and incomes on a recurring or non-recurring basis to more accurately depict available funds day to day.  Have a real time visual aid of liquid cash.


Create savings or payoff objectives.  The goals are customizable by type, savings amount, and the user can see the current progress.  This summary includes an overview of goals, how much is needed to save to complete the goals and which accounts they are attached to.

Net Worth:

Monitor current assets and debts.  FSBMoney automatically calculates net worth daily based on the accounts that have been added.


Create customized alerts based on activity in FSBMoney.  There are 6 different alert types to choose from.  These alerts will always show on the top of the Dashboard, but the user can opt to receive a text or e-mail alert. Please review our FAQ's here.