Your Personal Financial Manager is here! Get a handle on your money and achieve all your financial goals with the help of FSBMoney. Just click on the FSBMoney tab in your online banking. Watch a video tutorial of FSB Money on our Video Educational Resources tab.

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Dashboard View

Displays different aspects of your financial state at a glance. Widgets, such as the Cash Flow, Net worth, and Recent Transactions widgets, help identify the most commonly sought after information about your finances. 


Provide you the ability to view all transactions from the accounts chosen to be aggregated in one central list. You can search for and filter specific transaction details, and export the results. 


Provides a visual view of your collective financial state, allowing the evaluation of cash flow over time, as well as the identification of the largest expense categories for a given period.

Budgets and Goal

Provide the means to strengthen fiscal discipline through the ability to track and understand spending and saving details of each month. 


Provide a consolidated view of securities across all investment accounts. 

Settings Management

Tools to help resolve connectivity issues with various aggregated accounts. 

Still have questions? Please review our FSB Money FAQ (PDF).