2017 Day Trips:

We are already hard at work looking for fun and entertaining venues for next year for our Vista members! Not all ideas are complete yet, but here is a quick Save-the-Date Calendar that you might be interested in:

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 -- Flanagan's Wake at Chicago Theater Works, Chicago, IL

This hilarious interactive matinee lunch and performance will have you in stitches! It will be similar to We Gotta Bingo that we enjoyed immensely in 2015 but based around some St. Patrick's Day shenanigans!!! Flanagan's Wake, transports the audience to the fictional town of Grapplin, County Sligo, Ireland, where local roustabout, Flanagan, has died. Here we meet an eclectic cast of characters including Fiona Finn, Flanagan's spirited fiancée of 22 years, Brian Ballybunion, his best friend and drinking mate, Father Damon Fitzgerald, the sharp-tongued parish priest, Mayor O'Doul, the town mayor and bartender, the innocent Mother Flanagan and several other colorful citizens.

Vista is planning a joint venture into Chicago for this day with all four Vista offices coordinating our efforts, so motor coach schedules, pricing, etc. will be determined after the first of the year, but you can call and register immediately!

Cost: To be determined

Fee includes: Interactive performance, lunch, taxes, all tips, and motor coach transportation

Pick-Up Schedule: To be determined

Sunday, April 30, 2017 -- The Lion King at Fabulous Fox Theater, St. Louis, MO

Feel the love for many nights this summer and join the circle of life along with Disney's Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Nala and all of Pride Rock in this wonderful production that features not only the amazing journey of Simba from a playful and careless cub to the rightful king of the animal kingdom, but also lively, soulful and pounding rhythms that will transport you to the African Pridelands, as well as eye-popping and awesome visuals as conceptualized by its director, Tony Award winner Julie Taymor, bringing on stage lifelike and life-size characters clad in vibrant costumes that can only be seen in this production. More than a smash hit adaptation of the original heartwarming Disney flick, The Lion King is a moving, exuberant and thrilling musical that combines the breathtaking marvels of nature and the pulsating beats of African music, resulting to "a landmark event in entertainment" as Newsweek puts it. Reservations are open!

Cost: $139

Fee includes: Performance, meal at the theater, taxes, all tips, and motor coach transportation

Pick-Up Schedule: To be determined

Deadline for Reservations: Friday, December 30, 2016