Forget endless trips between the post office and your bank. With a FSB PayNow, you can accept online payments right on your website, safely and securely. 

  • Available to FSB business customers
  • Receive customer payments online through a convenient portal on your website
  • Receive one-time or recurring payments from checking, savings, or credit cards
  • No need for a cumbersome website hosted shopping cart
  • Collect customer payments without sorting through the mail and depositing individual checks
  • Eliminate time and errors in processing
  • Safe and secure; eliminate payments from circulating through the mail
  • Robust reporting that allows you to study customer data, transaction history, and scheduled recurring payments
  • Export payment data into accounting solutions, such as QuickBooks®
  • Customers are able to view their online payment history
  • Very little technical setup necessary

Getting Started

Once you're ready to get started, First State Bank will provide you a unique URL address, which you simply pass on to your Webmaster, who will place a link on your home page. When clicked, this link takes your customers to a customized landing page, complete with your logo and brand colors. There they simply enter their information and make their payments.