Living Trust

Unforeseen things happen, and First State Bank can help put you at ease with the help of setting up a living trust. The popularity of the living trust has soared in recent years as more people discover its significant estate planning benefits.

As a complete corporate trustee for your Living Trust, the administrative and investment management of your assets transfer to us and will provide you with the financial protection you are accustom to, should something happen to you. A living trust is not usually subject to probate, which can tie up your estate for years and consume a large portion of its value in court fees. It also provides confidentiality of your estate.

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Estate Administration

With the loss of a loved one, it is often comforting to have a third party expert to aid in the administration of the estate. At First State Bank, we can help you with the daunting task of managing the final allocations of your loved ones' assets. Our Trust department is staffed with highly trained administrators to serve you in such a capacity and we are here when you need us.


First State Bank's Trust Department is here to provide guardianship of assets. This service provides complete asset management for the protected person or persons, working in the best interest of their current and future needs.

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Testamentary Trusts

The Testamentary Trust is sometimes the answer to the needs of the young couple wanting to provide certain minimal financial protections for their children should both parents die prematurely. If you need further clarification regarding this subject or need estate planning in general, please call our Trust Department today.

Investment, Management & Custodial Services

Management of your portfolio can be an overwhelming task! Are you spending more time than you would like to with it? Are you traveling much of the year and need assistance with bill payment, fund allocation, or general execution of your assets?

Our Trust Department and the custodial services we provide at First State Bank just might be ideal for your situation. Our expert staff can assist you with as much or as little as you are comfortable with. Call our Trust Department today to see if our Custodial Services are right for you.

Retirement Planning

As the buzz words of retirement planning come flying by, one could get lost in the overwhelming task of finding out what is right for your future. Our experienced Trust Department here at First State Bank is ready to help you with your investment strategy of IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP, 401K or Simple Plans. We can also help you rollover an existing 401K plan.

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Investments may not be FDIC insured or guaranteed by the bank and may be subject to investment risk and loss of principal.