Smart Pay Express

Smart Pay Express


The days of endless trips between the post office and your bank are over. Make life easier for your business and your customers by accepting online payments through a convenient Smart Pay Express.

Rather than toiling with a taxing shopping cart or constantly depositing checks, this convenient service saves you time and resources spent on processing. Your customers can simply go online 24/7 and send one-time or recurring payments with ease. Better yet, this service provides robust back-end reporting and can even be exported to accounting software.

Smart Pay Express Details

  • Available to FSB business customers
  • Receive customer payments online through a convenient portal on your website
  • Receive one-time or recurring payments from checking, savings, or credit cards
  • No need for a cumbersome website hosted shopping cart
  • Collect customer payments without sorting through the mail and depositing individual checks
  • Eliminate time and errors in processing
  • Safe and secure; eliminate payments from circulating through the mail
  • Robust reporting that allows you to study customer data, transaction history, and scheduled recurring payments
  • Export payment data into accounting solutions, such as QuickBooks©
  • Customers are able to view their online payment history
  • Very little technical setup necessary

Getting Started

Once you're ready to get started, First State Bank will provide you a unique URL address, which you simply pass on to your Webmaster, who will place a link on your home page. When clicked, this link takes your customers to a customized landing page, complete with your logo and brand colors. There they simply enter their information and make their payments.